Www Gamezer Billiards

The community known as Www Gamezer Billiards is a community where the users can play the game of billiards online. The Www Gamezer Billiards is provided free of cost to the users. Users from around the world play this game online. Variety of games can be played on the table of billiards game. There are some of the most popular pocket games. The pockets games are listed below. They are 8 ball billiards, 9 ball billiards, snooker, straight pool, carom and pyramid. The users can play the game head to head with other users online. If the person wants to play against his own computer then the option of bot player can be selected by him. Through this option the user need not play with any of the other users available online but can play with his own computer. The friends of an individual can be invited in a chat from any place existing in the world. After inviting them the billiards can be played with them. An individual can even create his own group and play with the friends of that particular group. For example if you want to play with the friends of your room then you can make a group comprising of only those friends.

The game can even be downloaded from the web site. It is a multiplayer game in which many players can play at the same time. There are two types of billiards. One is the eight ball billiards and another one is the nine ball billiards. Both the types are described below. The game of 8 ball billiards is played with the help of 15 balls and a cue ball. The break can be made by the player starting from any point. The winner of the game is the player who pockets the 8 balls. If the player is unable to pocket their ball then the turn of that particular player gets over. Following reasons are responsible if the player looses this game. When the player is not shooting at the 8 ball but does not pockets the 8 ball then he is liable to lose. Another reason of him loosing the game is when he pockets the 8 ball and the cue ball. Another is the 9 ball billiards. The number of balls used for playing this game is nine. Along with the nine balls, a cue ball is also used. There are certain cases in which a foul is created by the person. So he should keep the rule in mind while playing the game.

Www Gamezer Billiards

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